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What is the most common punishment for a felony?

The attorneys at John W. Lee, P.C. have over 70 years of combined legal experience handling over ten thousand cases. We understand how frightening it can be to face criminal charges. When you have been charged with committing a crime the stakes could not be higher. You could be facing fines, imprisonment, loss of job, family, etc.

What are the negatives of being a felon?

If convicted of a felony, in addition to prison time, you could be dealing with a criminal record for the rest of your life. This could prevent you from obtaining the type of work you desire in the future.

Why hire a criminal defense attorney?

In many instances, a person is caught doing something they know is wrong. At other times, good people get caught in situations that they never even considered could be a crime. After all, the United States has millions of pages of laws and regulations. It is impossible for anyone to know all of them. Either way the attorneys at John W. Lee, P.C. are here to help.

Our attorneys will work hard to get you the best outcome possible. We’ll stand beside you in court and fight to defend your freedom.

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Criminal Arrest Process

We firmly believe that good people can be caught in bad situations. Just because you have been arrested for a crime does not make you a bad person. If you are like most people, when you are arrested you are afraid of what might happen to you.

Sealing of Criminal Record

New 2021 VA Assembly Criminal Record Sealing Law Passes. The Attorneys at John W. Lee, PC Are Ready to Help You Seal Your Criminal Record! Call us if you were convicted of an offense in Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, Portsmouth, Norfolk, Hampton, Newport News, York County, Williamsburg, or surrounding areas.

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Virginia Expungement Laws

A criminal history can become a difficult hurdle in your life. Fortunately, in some cases you have your record expunged. In general, once expunged, all police and court records of the charges are sealed and removed from your record.

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Assault and Battery

Many assault and battery cases arise from arguments or altercations. Someone placed in fear of imminent bodily harm is justified in responding with such force as is reasonably necessary to protect or defend against the attack.

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Drug Charges

Manufacturing or production of controlled substances has become more widespread with the popularity of drugs produced through chemical synthesis. Virginia synthetic marijuana and Virginia spice laws are examples of laws targeting the use of chemicals to produce or alter other substances to create something that is illegal.

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Computer Crimes

Computer Crimes involve a wide variety of crimes. When one is charged with a computer crime it could involve identity theft, fraud, accessing protected data, wiretapping, installing tracking or key stroke recording devices on computers, or transmittal of pornographic images.

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Juvenile Charges

Crimes committed by juveniles can potentially carry the same consequences as the same crime committed by an adult. The major difference is that original court of jurisdiction is the Juvenile and Domestic Relations Court rather than the General District Court. The focus of the proceedings is on reforming the child rather than simply punishing the child.

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Sex Crimes

When one refers to “Sex Crimes” they are referencing a very broad area of law. Generally speaking, a sex crime is one where a sexual act is performed without another person’s consent. When an adult has sex with a minor, even if consent is given, it is considered statutory rape.

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Probation Violation

Probation is a sentencing option available to Virginia judges in Newport News and other communities throughout the commonwealth. Recognized as a community corrections alternative to jail or prison, probation offers a person convicted of committing a crime the opportunity to remain in the community under the supervision of a probation officer.

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Robbery and Theft

Charges can be either misdemeanors or felonies depending on the value of that which was stolen and the manner in which it was stolen. For instance, shoplifting items totaling less than $200 would be a misdemeanor but for anything $200 and greater would be a felony.

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Felony Crimes

The shock, anxiety and confusion can be overwhelming when you are arrested for committing a felony. It is important to remember that a criminal charge is not a conviction. Criminal allegations must be proven in court.

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Misdemeanor Crimes

While misdemeanors are considered less serious than felonies, harsh penalties and long-term consequences may result from conviction of a misdemeanor crime.

Gun Rights Restoration

In many cases, we can help you restore your right to own and possess a firearm in Virginia.

Our attorneys will work hard to get you the best outcome possible by standing beside you in court and fighting to defend your freedom.

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