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No Cost Unless We Win!

No Attorney Fees Are Charged to the Client if the Case Is Unsuccessful and No Money Is Recovered!

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In personal injury cases, the fee is based upon the amount recovered during the personal injury lawsuit. There are no attorney’s fees charged to the client unless the case is won or settled. Any expenses that arise from the lawsuit, such as filing costs, requests for documents and the like are deducted from the damages recovered. After the expenses have been covered, the personal injury attorney will keep a percentage as the fee for representation. The rest of the money from the personal injury settlement, after paying appropriate medical bills and liens, is then distributed to the client.

The percentage that the personal injury law firm will charge is contingent on whether the case is settled or goes to trial. If the injury case were to settle, the fee would be 33%. However, if it were to go to trial the fee increases to 40% because of the increased amount of work and risk that the attorney takes in litigating the case. An appeal is not covered in this, but would be a higher percentage because it would require more effort and time on the attorney’s part.

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