Required Documents for Bankruptcy

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Whenever a debtor files bankruptcy he/she must be able to produce certain documents.  The bankruptcy code requires the debtor to produce, within 7 days prior to the 341 meeting of creditors, both paystubs and recent tax returns.  If the debtor fails to provide either, the trustee may dismiss the debtor’s bankruptcy.

Documents required may include:

  • Two Years of Tax Returns
  • 6 Months of Pay Stubs
  • Mortgage Statement
  • Deed
  • Deed of Trust
  • Deed of Trust Note
  • City Real Estate Assessment
  • Proof of any Income
  • Credit Report(s)
  • Three Months of Bank Statements
  • Copy of Credit Counseling Certificate
  • DMV Abstract of Title with Lien Information
  • Automobile Insurance Declarations Page

If you are considering bankruptcy you should start gathering these documents.  Your lawyer will be able to make a better assessment of your case if you bring these documents with you.

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